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NCRTF 2023 Registration


Video Walkthrough of Registration

Registration Instructions

1)  Create an account if you didn't do so last year. 

     Click the "create account" button in the top right of the screen and follow the prompts.

     If you already have an account from last year, click the "log in" button and log into your existing account.

     Please note that each dancer attending the festival must have their own account. 


2)  Everyone must then buy a membership. 

     You'll notice the box for membership says "Everyone Must Purchase This First" 

     Click that box and follow the steps.  

     Select the date on which you're registering on the drop-down calendar.


3)  The residency with Dianne Walker runs from Thursday afternoon at 4:00 through Sunday. 

      There is no audition required this year for participation, but there are only 20 spots available.

      The residency is open to older/more advanced dancers who are accustomed to a fast pace and picking up        choreography quickly.

      It is a *separate Classpack* from the rest of the festival classes. Selecting this Classpack for the residency is        all you need to do to be enrolled. 


      If you want to participate in the residency, purchase that Classpack 

      AND a Classpack for the number of regular classes you want to take. 


4)    Purchase the appropriate Classpack for your regular classes. 

       Like last year, you must buy a "Classpack" for the total number of classes you want to take at the festival.

       You will choose your classes afterward.

       Please choose your classes carefully as we can not offer refunds after you have registered.

       When you are prompted to "Pick your Classpack Start Date" select the date of purchase from the drop-down calendar.


       The student showcase counts as a class.


                                          For example:

       * If you want to take 6 classes and perform in the student showcase:

          6 classes + the student showcase = a 7 Class Classpack 


        * If you want to take 9 classes, you need to purchase a 9 class classpack.


        * If you want to take Dianne Walker's residency, AND 7 regular classes PLUS perform in the student showcase: 

           The Residency Classpack AND 7 classes + the student showcase = 8 Class classpack



5)  When purchasing, click the orange Total bar at the bottom of the screen to advance. 

     Please select the "only for myself" button. Each dancer must have their own membership and account.

     Be sure to check the box to accept the terms of service.


6)  After purchasing your Classpack, click the "Back To Website" text at the top of the screen. That will take you to back to the list of Classpacks and individual classes available. 

     From there you can select which classes you want to take. 

     *Please note: The website does not prevent you from registering for

     2 classes (or more) during the same time block.

     Please pay close attention as you select your classes.

Just observing?

Observers are not required to pay a registration fee, but must still register FIRST using the "Observers Only" registration. Registration instructions are the same as the instructions above.

  1. Use the code: OBSERVEONLY  when purchasing Observers Only registration for free registration for Observers.

  2. Purchase the "Observers Only Classpack" with the number of classes you would like.

  3. Select the specific classes you wish to observe.


**Please keep in mind the code does not apply if you are taking any other classes, regular registration is then still required. The Observation Only tickets do not include t-shirts. All classes have up to 8 observer spots, with the exception of Dianne Walker's residency, History Talk, and Adam Price's music classes.

No upcoming events at the moment

Covid Policies:
While masking will be optional, we ask that all participants closely monitor their health throughout the festival. Please note that NCRTF reserves the right to enforce masking in the event of a sudden uptick in cases or upon the request of faculty members. Vaccination is not required.

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