Frequently Asked Questions

1. When does Registration Open?



2. What level should I register for?

    It depends! Beginner classes are designed for students who have some tap experience, typically 1-3 years. Intermediate classes are geared towards students who have 4-6 years of tap experience, and Advanced classes target students with 6+ years of experience.


3. Is there a studio discount?

    Absolutely! If 5 or more students register from your studio, your studio will receive $150 back. 


4. Do you offer scholarships?

    At this time we do not offer scholarships, but we hope to in the future. However, you can register for as many or as few classes as you want. 


5. Can I register more than 1 student at a time?

     Yes. The registration system allows you to register more than one student at once. After registering one student, you need to "add a student," and add the classes that student would like to register for. 


6. Can I change a class during the festival?

     Yes, if you find that a class is too difficult or easy, you may switch, if and only if, there is room in the other class. However, changes to a class schedule during the festival will not result in a refund. 


7. What is your refund policy?

     We understand that unforseen circumstances happen. Please contact us immediately if you need to cancel your registration. No refunds will be given after June 5, 2018.