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Class Descriptions

Advanced Tap Residency with Sam Weber - $275

This 3-day intensive will give dancers the opportunity to sharpen their skills, learn a short piece of choreography, and participate in class discussions. Audition required. 

Advanced Tap Residency with Dianne Walker- $250

Dianne Walker will be teaching Routine 2 by her mentor, Leon Collins. This intensive is designed for dancers who are able to quickly pick up new choreography in a group setting.

Adult Classes- $35/each

Although adult dancers are welcome to join any class, adult- only classes are typically smaller in numbers and can be a great way to get individualized instruction. Sign up for the level that's right for you and experience classes designed especially for adults.

Classes-  $35/each

    Beginner- For a newer dancer with some understanding of tap dance. 1-2 years experience recommended.

    Beg/Int- Dancers with 2-3 years of experience recommended.

    Intermediate- 3-4 years of experience with tap dancing and some understanding of rhythm tap.

    Int/Adv- 4+ years of experience with a solid understanding of rhythm tap.

    Advanced- 5+ years will high stamina, experience with rhythm tap, and ready for a challenge.

*For questions about which level is right for you, please contact us at

Intro to Improv- $35

If improvisation is something you shy away from, this class is for you! Star Dixon will teach dancers how to become more comfortable with improv in a low-pressure environment.

Slides- $35

Learn the art of slides with Derick Grant. Improve your technique and challenge yourself. Available for both intermediate and advanced dancers.

Honi Coles and Brenda Bufalino soft shoe- $35

Learn the classic soft shoe choreographed by Honi Coles and Brenda Bufalino to the tune, "Taking a Chance on Love". Brenda will be teaching the original choreography, which was also performed by Gregory Hines and Tommy Tune on the PBS TV special "Tap Dance in America". 

Tap History-$35

This workshop is led by Dianne Walker and will give an overview of tap history from the experiences of Lady Di.

Student Showcase- $35

Have a solo you want critiqued? Perform it in front of 4 of our faculty and get valuable feedback to continue improving your craft. Limited to 20 dancers, split into 2 rooms.

"The Greatest Tap Show Ever!"- $35/ticket

Enjoy an intimate performance at the Carrboro Artscenter. All 8 faculty members will perform with a live jazz band. This performance is not to be missed! We sell out every year, so be sure to book tickets early.


You can purchase your tickets here: BUY NOW

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